Let-Us-Drive LLC

"LET-US-DRIVE" you today

                                                Providing : airport - train or bus station transportation:

                         Syracuse, Utica or Binghamton          $90.00 plus NYS sales tax  (1st passenger)

                                                                                    $50.00 plus NYS sales tax - ( each passenger with 2 or more passengers )       

                                     email: Let-Us-Drive@roadrunner.com or call 607-316-4484

                                     Please provide:              Passenger name & contact phone#

                                                                            Where to be picked up - date and time:

                                                                            Flight/train or bus info:

                                                                            Method of Payment:

                                                                            Name of person making reservation and contact phone# or email


                          Need other transportation call today or email for a quote: